Mia brown Photography


We are in a constant state of change...

We live, love, laugh, and cry.

We have friends, families and pets.

Some of us marry, have babies, and buy homes;

We watch our children grow, parents and grandparents age, neighbors move, and careers shift.

Small towns become big cities; buildings go up and barns fall down, and all the while...

weeds push their way through the cracks in the road.

I am captivated by the ebb and flow of nature finding balance among us. This constant and continual change is one reason I am so interested in our world. For me, photography is a way to explore and experience life in a meaningful way.  I enjoy capturing images of things that most of us, in our fast paced lives, often fail to notice. Whether I am regarding people, animals or simply an interesting view: in urban areas or natural environments, every click of the shutter is a chance to preserve a moment in time.

I strive to document all aspects of life and the people experiencing it.  The results are the photographs I share with the world. When I’m not taking photos of the contrast between nature and man, I am drawn to the innocence of our littlest people. The most directly susceptible to our influence, guidance and mistakes, and the most reliant upon our care, protection and love. I hope that my patience and ability to connect with children and their families' shows in my photographs and that the beauty I see in simple everyday life speaks for itself.  Please take a moment to see things from my side of the lens.